Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show Apr. 2019

Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show 2019
【Time】:Apr. 11. 2019
【Place】:Asia World Expo, Hong Kong

The world’s largest electronic products procurement exhibition – “global sources electronics show” will be on April 11, 2019 in Hong Kong asiaworld-expo, the exhibition is divided into “the consumer electronics show” and “mobile electronics show” two periods. As a flagship global sources fair, “global sources electronics show” will be gathered more than 7500 booths popular electronic products, gathered from greater China, South Korea and other Asian regions exhibitors. Shenzhen net today will showcase the latest research and development of 4 k USB video conference camera, PC video terminals, android video terminals, as well as new designs meet consumer USB conference cameras and large industry customers. The show with our professional sales staff product detailed explanation of the exhibition.

To provide you with more communication opportunity to learn and unlimited business opportunities, believe in 2019 of the world’s consumer electronics show will let you eat, don’t miss this great party! Shenzhen network today look forward to cooperating with you!