Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show Oct. 2019

Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show 2019
【Time】:11-14 Oct. 2019
【Place】:Asia World Expo, Hong Kong

The world’s largest electronic products procurement exhibition – “global sources electronics show” will be on Oct., 11st-14th, 2019 in Hong Kong asiaworld-expo.

Shenzhen Oneking Technologies Co., Ltd. organizes the sales and technical team to participate in the Global Sources Electronics Show.

As a professional audio and video conference devices manufacturer, Oneking Tech has always paid attention to independent research, development and product innovation.

What’s NEW?
1, Oneking Tech brings the All-in-one device with 4K camera, speaker and expansion mics. (1-3 mics optional)

2. Wireless speakerphone with expansion microphones (1-3 mics optional)


It is very important to keep competitive advantage and seize market opportunity to master frontier technology and know industry development.
That’s what Oneking doing now!

InfoComm India 2019

Welcome to Day 1 of InfoComm India 2019! Oneking are here!

【Time】:Sep. 18-20, 2019
【Place】:Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai

InfoComm India, the country’s leading Professional Audio Visual and information communications technology trade show.
Infocomm India is endorsed and supported by many industry and government organisations, including CIO KLUB, Computer Society of India Mumbai Chapter, Indian Institute of Architects, Audio Engineering Society India and Trade Association of Information Technology.
It attracts visits and attendance by key government officials, planners, policymakers, procurement officers and technical experts, unleashing the power of public-private sector synergies.

InfoComm India is known to be one of the largest and most influential audio-visual exhibitions in India, with a wide range of influence in the Asian audio-visual industry. The exhibition attracts professional audiences from all over the world, the industry’s import and export traders, agents, distributors and internationally renowned relevant procurement association organizations, industry media and other industry participants. With the annual trend of the show, several market leaders have chosen to launch new technologies and solutions with infoComm India’s platform, and the trade show is now a complete showcase in the field of audio-visual convergence.

Oneking Technologies, as a HD Video PTZ Cameras Professional manufacturer and the pioneer of USB Series PTZ Conferencing Cameras, is exhibiting the latest Smart Conference Solutions released in 2019 to the professional audience.
We warmly welcome guests and industry insiders from all over the world to come and discuss at booth E89 in the Mumbai Convention and Exhibition Center in India.


► 4K UHD Video and Audio Conferencing Camera with Expansion Microphones

► Conferencing Speakerphone with Expansion Microphones

► Portable ConferenceCam with Speakerphone

► USB3.0 Premium PTZ Cameras
… …

2019 InfoComm China – Beijing Opening Today!

Beijing InfoComm, Asia-Pacific Region’s premier professional audio-visual and integrated experience technology trade fair, this year’s exhibition site is more exciting than in previous years, in many domestic and foreign exhibitors, many enterprises are the first time in the Asia-Pacific Region to launch the company’s latest products and solutions. Welcome to exploring OneKing New Products:

  • 4K UHD Video All-in-One Device
  • Omni directional Microphone
  • Android/Windows Endpoints

Visit OneKing at booth# DA2-01, See you Soon!



Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show Apr. 2019

Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show 2019
【Time】:Apr. 11. 2019
【Place】:Asia World Expo, Hong Kong

The world’s largest electronic products procurement exhibition – “global sources electronics show” will be on April 11, 2019 in Hong Kong asiaworld-expo, the exhibition is divided into “the consumer electronics show” and “mobile electronics show” two periods. As a flagship global sources fair, “global sources electronics show” will be gathered more than 7500 booths popular electronic products, gathered from greater China, South Korea and other Asian regions exhibitors. Shenzhen net today will showcase the latest research and development of 4 k USB video conference camera, PC video terminals, android video terminals, as well as new designs meet consumer USB conference cameras and large industry customers. The show with our professional sales staff product detailed explanation of the exhibition.

To provide you with more communication opportunity to learn and unlimited business opportunities, believe in 2019 of the world’s consumer electronics show will let you eat, don’t miss this great party! Shenzhen network today look forward to cooperating with you!

Integrated Systems Europe 2019 (ISE2019)

Integrated Systems Europe 2019 (ISE2019)

【Time】:Feb. 05-08 2019
【Place】:Amsterdam, RAI, NL

Integrated Systems Europe 2019 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, officially kicked off on the first day of Chinese Lunar New Year.

OneKing Technologies has launched a new 4K PTZ video conferencing camera and wireless gooseneck microphone. During the four-day exhibition, OneKing’s products have met numerous professional visitors from all over the world, and have been well received by the industry. Our exhibition ended successfully in 8 February 2019.
OneKing Technologies is looking forward to seeing you again in ISE 2020!

Integrated Systems Russia 2018

Integrated Systems Russia 2018

【Time】:Oct. 24 – 26, 2018
【Place】:Moscow, Expocentre, Pavilion Forum

The annual Russian Professional Audio-visual Integrated Equipment and Technology Exhibition is the top professional audio-visual integrated equipment and technology exhibition in Russia and the CIS countries. As the largest audio-visual exhibition in Russia, the last exhibition successfully attracted more than 10,000 visitors. The exhibition brings together system integrators, designers, professional consultants, sales agents, distributors and other related industry professionals in the audio-visual industry, such as architects, engineers, builders, IT professionals, audio-visual equipment managers, interior design. At the same time, the professional audience has also increased the number of users from all walks of life such as education, government, security, business, residential and religious. The show brings together audio-visual technologies and solutions for education and training, transportation, security, medical, entertainment, construction, corporate and government sectors. The exhibits cover a wide range of topics and are dedicated to presenting a high-end professional conference for the industry.

Shenzhen OneKing Technology Co., Ltd. invites you to see the first day of the exhibition feast:

OneKing Technologies brings new design and consumer USB conference camera H1/H2/H3 series, PC video terminal-Windows & Android and desktop audio and video conference camera. Booth S-01 has a professional explanation from our sales to provide you with more learning and communication opportunities and unlimited business opportunities. We believe that professional exhibitions and products will let you professionally returns, don’t miss this event! Shenzhen OneKing Technologies Co., Ltd. looks forward to working with you to achieve win-win cooperation!


Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show 2018

Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show 2018

【Time】:Oct. 11. 2018
【Place】:Asia World Expo, Hong Kong


Are you looking for new Products? New Ideas?Or New Technologies?If so, Pls follow Shenzhen Oneking Technologies to the Global Sources 2018, The world’s Largest Electronic sourcing show held in_HonKong,We will show you about it.


The world’s largest electronics sourcing show – “Global sourcing show ” will be held from October 11 to 14, 2018 at the AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong. The exhibition is divided into two phases: “Consumer Electronics Show” and “Mobile Electronics Show”. As the flagship exhibition of Global Sources, “Global Sources Electronics Show” will bring together more than 7,500 booths of popular electronic products, from exhibitors from Greater China, Korea and other Asian regions



Whatare the new products,New ideas and New Technolgieswill Shenzhen Oneking technologies Show you this time?Pls remember our booth No:Hall2,2R10 and come . Our beautiful and Professional Sales ladies will show you every details~


See you soon and Welcome to Visit OneKing at Booth:2R10~

InfoComm India 2018

International audio-visual technology and systems integration show, InfoCommIndia 2018

【Time】:Sep. 18-20, 2018
【Place】:Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai

InfoComm India, the world’s largest annual fair for audio-visual buyers and sellers, is in full swing. What new products and technologies will be promoted this time? Let’s follow Oneking to have more details.

The last exhibition attracted more than 200 enterprises from more than 20 countries to participate in the exhibition. The exhibitors showed the latest and most professional audio, visual and communication technology innovation in the audio-visual industry, among which many Chinese enterprises participated in the exhibition, including shenzhen Oneking, Guangzhou DSPPA Audio, guangzhou junnan audio-visual, Haitian electronics, kaixinchuanda, and shenzhen kangguan etc.

Exhibits include 3D technology, audio technology, audio-visual technology, audio, video, data conferencing equipment, home theater technology, connectors and switches, lighting and studio support systems, projection lenses and accessories, wireless AV systems, installation systems, etc

But what new products have we brought to you this time?

●Android/PC all-in-one machine

●USB2.0 smart large screen camera

●Portable ConferenceCam with speakerphone

●2.4G + USB dual channel omnidirectional microphone/cascade microphone

●Entirely new appearance USB power supply 3X/10X meeting/medical video camera

●Booth no: C85, welcome to visit us!


IFA 2018 Show

Welcome to visit OneKing at Berlin, IFA 2018 Show

【Time】:Sep. 02-05, 2018


The IFA 2018 e-consumer trade show kicked off in Berlin, Germany on Sept 2. IFA is arguably the world’s largest consumer electronics show where consumer electronics companies from around the world show their latest products and technologies. Today is the second day of the exhibition, Oneking technology would take you to see what new products are there.


Siemens runway show, this is not a fashion show, why is there? In fact, this is to demonstrate the power of Siemens washing machines and dryers, using them to dry clothes like new ones with no wrinkles at all.

The Americans and europeans love Bosch’s products very much, especially its refrigerators, washing machines and dishwashers. In the picture, the dazzling art refrigerator exhibited by Bosch is not as beautiful as the real power.

Miele is a high-end household appliance brand from Germany, which has a history of more than 100 years. This IFA Miele is promoting a multi-effect dish washing powder and related dishwashers. Among them, the design of dishwasher is novel since knock twice can open it’s door.


The SONY projector, which looks like a mini lampblack machine. It can be projected onto a screen, which allows the user to manipulate, draw, write, and use their imagination to create unlimited possibilities.


Samsung launched an 8K resolution OLED TV at this IFA, with a peak brightness of 4000 nettles. It is very impressive!

Upon entering the LG pavilion, the first thing I saw was the wall of the LG OLED TV, with clear image quality and bright colors. The scene was so shocking that people were holding up their mobile phones to take pictures

what new products have Oneking brought to you?

●Android/PC all-in-one machine

●USB2.0 Smart large-screen camera


Portable ConferenceCam with speakerphone

2.4G + USB dual channel omnidirectional microphone/cascade microphone

entirely new appearance USB power supply 3X/10X meeting/medical video camera

●Booth no: S3-S22, welcome to visit us!