How to Choose A/V Equipments for Huddle Rooms Video Collaboration System Integration?

Meetings are an important part of the daily work of the enterprise. With the larger the size of an enterprise, the more refined the management hierarchy, the wider the geographical deployment of branch offices, the traditional centralized meetings (high meeting costs, low meeting efficiency, etc.) have become increasingly unable to adapt to the conference communication needs of a modern enterprise. How to make effective use of the existing office network and computer, realize the informationization of conference communication and reduce the meeting cost to the minimum is an urgent problem to be solved at present. So how do companies choose the suitable video conferencing system for them?

Choose Hardware video conferencing or software video conferencing?

Large enterprises, government, national energy institution and other industries of the high-level, will choose hardware video conferencing system, such as mainstream manufacturers like USA Polycom, Cisco, domestic Huawei, Koda, OneKing etc. With more and more large and medium-sized enterprises pay attention to internet security in recent years, and domestic hardware video conferencing brand manufacturers continue to climb, while taking into account the capital budget, there are many users using the domestic competitive hardware terminal equipped with OneKing audio and video device for expansion.

Small micro enterprises and users with a wide distribution and a large number, mostly use software video conferencing system. After all, the overall cost is relatively low. Whether it is purchased and rented, are relatively cost-effective, especially in the nearly two years of rental operation, cloud video conferencing market development is very good.

Whether it is hardware video conferencing or software video conferencing, in order to achieve immersive audio and video effects, OneKing’s HD video conferencing cameras, omnidirectional microphones and PC/Android Conferencing EndPoint will be your best choice.

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