Video Conference Camera with Expansion Microphone

Product Model: KS-V3B-U3H,KS-V3B-U3L

Using the third-generation full-duplex voice call technology, it is equipped with a speaker with a power of up to 2*5W speakers and up to 3 wireless omnidirectional microphones. The distance of each wireless omnidirectional microphone is not less than 2 meters, and the flexible movement can solve the problem of far-field sound pickup.

  • 4K ultra-high-definition image sensor, support EPTZ, suitable for small and medium-sized conference rooms.
  • Built-in 2*5W speakers, 5.8G wireless or USB connection optional.
  • The omnidirectional microphone has a standby time of up to 3 months and a working time of up to 4 hours. Equipped with 12V 2A power fast charge.