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MCU Based Video Collaboration

While you owned an MCU based Hardware video conferencing system, and you can choose different Audio, video device according to your Room space, and OneKing provided you hundreds option upon your budget which is beyond your expectation.

Audio device: KS-GU1G
Video device: HD65X

Video Conferencing Solution

The video conferencing communication method based on embedded architecture mainly adopts H.320 and H.323 protocol standard, realizes visual and audio processing, network communication and various meeting functions through DSP Embedded software, and relies on the special terminal with hardware acquisition card, equipped with HD conference camera, to realize remote video conference. MCU complete all the codec, that is, decode videos uploaded by all terminals, and then re-encoded into one road screen distribution down. It requires high performance hardware.

Hardware video conferencing has the advantage of stability, clear picture. Limitations are suitable for enterprise meetings, not suitable for individuals as high cost. The upper and lower bandwidth of the terminal is basically equivalent, the current models can basically reach 1080P, taking up about 2M bandwidth. MCU’s upper and lower bandwidth is basically equivalent, receive a certain roads screen upload by terminals, combine and distribution down same roads screen.

Cloud Based Video Conferencing solution

The principle of software-based video conferencing system is basically the same as that of hardware video conferencing system, except that its MCU and terminal audio and video codec are realized by using high-performance PC or intelligent terminal Android/iOS software combined with the server. In addition, because software video conferencing is entirely dependent on the PC, it is more flexible and convenient in terms of data sharing and application than hardware video conferencing. MCU (It called server for software-based conferencing), does not codec the video screen, only transmit, such as 10 people in a meeting and broadcast 3 road screens, then only upload 3 road screens, and then stream the 3 road screens to 10 people, each distribution 3 roads. Therefore, it does not require high-performance hardware of the server basically. Software client/server bandwidth fluctuation is very large, depending on how much road screens broadcast, basically it is the way of product, single screen traffic * Broadcast Road number * attendees.

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